Please read through our Frequently asked questions, if your query is not covered, please contact us: 

What does a running tour with Run the Sights involve?

You will be guided along one of our established running tours, or a specially designed bespoke tour if requested (these are currently only available in Edinburgh).  We will take you to places of interest along the way and provide you with little pockets of information.  If you are on holiday or you are new to the city this will give you the opportunity to get your bearings, learn a few interesting facts and perhaps find some hidden treasurers such as fantastic little eateries and coffee shops.  If you are familiar with the area of your tour we guarantee you will still experience new sights and facts. 

We will take plenty of photos along the way, leaving you free to enjoy the sights.  All photos will be uploaded on social media for you to use however you see fit.  

Our guides live and breath running, they are not historians or fitness instructors, but they are figureheads in their running communities and extremely passionate about their cities, the environment, the outdoors and exploring on the run.  They aim to leave you buoyant and energised following a Run the Sights tour.  

What do I need to bring with me?

Please ensure you wear suitable running attire and weather appropriate clothing.  You may want to bring a bottle of water and a camera.  Please note there is nowhere available to leave your belongings and anything you bring, you must carry during the tour.  Most importantly please bring a sense of adventure and a good sense of humor.  

Am I fit enough?

Run the Sights tours are designed for runners by runners.

On a Run the Sights tour you set the pace, even if it is a gentle jog.  The important thing to note is that you must consider yourself a runner or jogger.  If you do not run or do any regular exercise it is advised that you find an alternative type of tour, we can recommend Iconic Tours and Local Eyes Tours who provide fantastic tours throughout Edinburgh and the surrounding area.   

How long will it take?

This depends on the tour you select and on the pace you set.  Tours normally range from 1 hour to 3 hours, depending on the distance and pace.  

Can I take photos along the way?

There will be plenty of opportunities for photos along the way.  Our guides will take photos, which will be shared  on social media.  Feel free to use any photos from our social media that you would like, sharing is caring :-).  If you do not wish any photos of yourself to be shared on social media, please advise your guide accordingly.  

How do I book?

Read through the choice of tours and take into consideration the days and times they are run and their cost.  Run the Sights guides can be flexible, so please do contact us with any other time scales that may suit you.  

Many of the tours can be booked directly online without the need to contact us.  Just select the tour and the best date/time that suits you. 

For any specific requests, please contact Run the Sights via our contact form to check our availability, we will reply promptly and from there if there is availability you can go ahead and purchase your tour via the website.  Your booking is not secured until payment is received.  

Alternatively look out for some of our specials, which will be highlighted here on our website or blasted on our social media.

How much is it?

The tours have individual prices, they start from £20 pp, there is a discount for a booking of 2 people and a further discount for each extra person in a group booking (not applicable to feature tours).  We try to keep groups small and personable, however we can cater for large groups. 

We regularly organise specials, keep an eye on our social media for more information on our cheeky specials.  This includes the Sunday Sizzler.  

We also have some fantastic Run the Sights merchandise, the perfect memento to your running tour.  At the moment merchandise is only available from Run the Sights Edinburgh, a link to this can be found here.  

Do you cater for large Groups? 

Yes, we love taking out large groups, be it stag/hen parties or conference groups.  We believe there is no better way to team build than to get hot and sweaty together, feel the endorphin's and use the old grey matter in our heads.  We have a great package for large groups.  Please contact us directly with your individual needs:   

What if I need to cancel?

See our cancellation policy here.  

Will we stop along the way?

Yes, we can stop wherever you wish to.  Please tell your guide if there is a particular place along the way you would like to stop.  This will afford you the opportunity to take photos, read bits of information or simply appreciate the view.

Where will I meet the guide?

Please read the blurb for each individual tour to check where the start and finish is.  We have endeavoured to use suitable meeting points.  We can also meet you at your hotel, if you are based in the city centre.  

Is there a limit on how many people can participate?

Yes, we try to keep our groups small and friendly.  Five is our optimum number, but we can take up to 10 at a time.  

We provide an option for larger groups, please contact us directly to find out more, 

Will there be other people on my Running Tour?

Yes, it is very possible that there will be other people on your tour.   If you do not wish to have anyone else on your tour we strongly advise that you book a bespoke tour.

Are there toilets at the meeting point or during the run?

Do not fear, we can always find toilets along the run.  

Can my children join in?

You must be atleast 16 years old to participate in a Run the Sights tour.  

Can I bring my dog?

Here at Run the Sights we are avid dog fans and some of our guides regularly participate in canicross with our own 4 legged friends.  If you would like us to organise a running tour that would be suitable for you and your canine friend, please get in touch and we can discuss a bespoke running tour. All dogs must be fit and healthy, be over the age of 1, under your close control and must use suitable running lines and harnesses. We'd be happy to arrange rental of dog running kit for you as part of the package.

I’m loving the Run the Sights tops, can I buy one?

Yes!  Check out our merchandise selection here.

Is there anywhere I can shower afterwards?

In Edinburgh there are shower facilities at the train station, these cost £5.

I still have a question, which  has not been covered here. 

Please contact us directly with any other queries: