Oor Wullie Bucket Trail Running Tour

We are really excited about the arrival of the Oor Wullie statues across Dundee.  Would you like to join us on a running tour and meet 45 of these wee characterful guys?  Read on ....  

We believe these wee guys are too good to be missed and we figure the best way to meet as many of them as possible is on a specially designed running tour.   We have devised a Run the Sights running tour taking in 45 of the wee guys. 

The tour is approximately 13 miles long at a steady sociable pace.  Elaine will guide you on your tour and not only will she introduce you to the cheeky chappies but she will point out some of Dundee's places of interest along the way.  

These tours will be operating on 3 dates on a first come first served basis.  The dates are: 

10th July at 10am
31st July at 10am
21st August at 3pm

To keep our tours small and personable we limit numbers to 10 people per tour.  

We would love to fill these tours up and help support
The Archie Foundation, so the RTS HQ have decided to give you a treat and put the cost at a crazily low £15pp, with £5 per tour donated to The Archie Foundation.  

Please note - discount codes can not be used with this tour.
You can book your place on one of the tours here.  Remember, it is first come first served.  

Learn more about the cheeky chappies here.  

Why walk.... when you can run!