Sign Up Form - Roslin Rambler guinea-pigs

Here at Run the Sights we are really excited to add the Roslin Rambler into the Run the Sights family of tours.  This is an incredibly special route - even if we say so ourselves -  we hope you will love it.  We haven't quite launched this tour yet and we hope that your experience and feedback on the tour will help us tweak a few things to make the running tour experience as enjoyable as possible.

Please do not worry about speed.  This is not a training run.  Our running tours are all about exercising our body and mind, taking in our surroundings, learning a little bit about them and working up a healthy sweat.  We run as a group and there is no pressure on speed whatsoever.  Relax into your run, listen to the birds and enjoy the smell of spring.  

Just a couple of small formalities, even though you are an invited guest, could you possibly complete the below sign-up form.  

We will take pics and maybe a wee video along the way, please let us know if you don't want to feature in any of these.  

Several folk have already asked if they can post pics up on their social media and perhaps even do a blog.  Yes, of course - It would be super cool if you give us a shout out - but no pressure at all -  and by all means feel free to take any images you may need from our social media or website.  

There are 2 options, please select your chosen tour on the sign-up form. 

Both tours are on Saturday 15th April 2017. 
11am is for canicrossers, but runners without dogs are welcome too. 
4pm is for trail runners only, no dogs allowed.  

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