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Maggie's Penguin Running Tour - 5 miles


Welcome to our special Maggie's Penguin Running Tour

This tour starts and finishes at Run4It, 41 Dock Street, Dundee.  

This special running tour is a fun adventure taking you along a 5 mile route, round 20 of the Maggie’s Penguins. The Maggie’s penguins have all been designed and decorated by local artists, each one unique and interesting. There are 80 Penguins in total, with 57 in Dundee. See the official Maggie’s Penguin Parade website here, for more information.

We have limited spaces and dates, book early to avoid disappointment.


- Wednesday 4th July @ 6pm (red pace)
- Monday 9th July @ 6pm (blue pace)
- Saturday 11th August @ 12pm (red pace)
- Sunday 26th August @ 12pm (blue pace)


£20 per person with £5 of every booking being donated to Maggie’s

Please ensure everyone in your group completes the sign-up form prior to participating in their tour.  This can be found here.  


Red pace is suitable for all those who run 10k distance in approximately less than 55 minutes.

Blue pace is suitable for all those who run 10k in approximately more than 55 minutes.